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Anesthesiology – Pine Valley Animal Clinic


Unlike human medicine, anesthesia in the veterinary world is used for multiple purposes other than surgery. Anesthesia is a common tool used to gain diagnostic information safely and accurately for procedures such as radiographs, biopsies, and orthopedic examinations. Pet owners often find themselves concerned with procedures involving anesthesia. We take all precautions when using anesthesia to help minimize risks and reduce owners concerns.

Pre-anesthetic Blood Work is strongly recommended for all patients. This helps us to assess the function of the kidneys and liver while monitoring ranges of blood glucose levels, red and white blood cell count. More extensive blood profiles are recommended for animals in their senior years.

Blood pressure monitoring is a regular part of anesthesia at the Pine Valley Animal Clinic.  However, we are learning more about the dangers of high blood pressure—particularly in cats—that can occur in some diseases such as kidney disease and hyperthyroidism.  That’s why we are continuously working on our technique to obtain blood pressure readings on awake animals.

Dr. Larry Yelen

With a lifelong love for animals and a dream of one day working with pets as if then unfulfilled, Dr. Larry Yelen decided to follow his passion...

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What to Expect

Pine Valley Animal Clinic has a patient centered practice philosophy – this is the way we can achieve optimum wellness in your pet. To achieve maximum health, a strong relationship...

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